Pacific Coast Senior & Family Championships

Tournament Overview

The Pacific Coast Senior and Family Championships has been sanctioned by USTA NorCal and all results from this tournament will count toward USTA NorCal rankings.

All Men’s and Women’s Senior Singles and Doubles Events have been designated as Category II USTA Adult National Tournament events and all result from these events will also count towards national USTA rankings.

The USTA Regulations shall govern all aspects of USTA NorCal sanctioned tournaments, except that the national seeding rules will be used for the events designated as Category II, and when a USTA NorCal rule is different than the USTA Regulations, the USTA NorCal rule shall govern play.

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Each match will be played with three WILSON U.S. OPEN TENNIS BALLS. New tennis balls will be provided if a match goes to a 3rd set.


Seniors Men's Singles & Doubles: 40, 50-75

Senior Women's Singles & Doubles: 40, 50-75

Senior Mixed Doubles: 35, 50, 65

Family Events: Mother-Daughter Doubles, Mother-Son Doubles, Father-Daughter Doubles, Father-Son Doubles