Pacific Coast Senior & Family Championships


USTA Membership

USTA Membership is required to enter and to play in the tournament. Click to visit the *USTA Membership website to purchase or renew a membership.

Men’s and Women’s Senior Division Age Eligibility

A player may enter a Men’s and Women’s Senior age division if the player will reach the minimum age (35 years old) by December 31st of the year during which the division is scheduled to start. (USTA Regulation I.G.3.iii)

Family Division Eligibility

Players may enter if the parent and child are related by virtue of blood, legal adoption, or current step relationship. (Death does not destroy any step relationship, but divorce does). (USTA Regulation I.G.3.d.iv.)

Entry Information

Entry to this tournament is open to all USTA members. Entries must be submitted by Monday, May 13, 2019 11:59:00 PM Pacific Time. Only USTA members can register online if available.

  • Singles Entry Fee: $70 per singles entry (plus $5.75 non-refundable processing fee) TOTAL: $75.75

  • Doubles Entry Fee: $50 per doubles entry (plus $4.25 non-refundable processing fee) TOTAL: $54.25

During the registration process, please provide your telephone number (cell phone is preferred) and your email address to best reach you. Failure to provide your contact information will limit the Tournament Director’s/Staff’s ability to contact you.


Should you have any difficulty during the registration process, please contact our Tournament Referee BARD RICKEY ( or (530) 604-6925.

Withdrawals Prior to Entry Deadline

Enter the USTA Account # of the player you wish to withdraw registration(s) for. 

Please note:

  • Online withdrawals are allowed only before close of the entry period for a tournament. If you have already been charged for the tournament, you will receive a refund to your credit card for the amount that you were charged minus the non-refundable processing fee. For online withdrawals from selection process tournaments, your card has not been charged and the card information will be removed from that tournament's records.
  • If you withdraw with the tournament director instead of online, the tournament director is responsible for issuing any applicable refunds based upon his or her refund policy.