Pacific Coast Senior & Family Championships

USTA NorCal Concurrent Tournament Rule

The USTA NorCal Tournament Rule states: “A player shall not be entered at the time entries close in two or more USTA sanctioned tournaments scheduled to take place at the same time, in whole or in part, unless each Tournament Committee involved understands the situation, concurs in writing, and each agrees to accommodate the player’s schedule. The final decision rests with each Tournament Committee. If one tournament committee agrees to accept concurrent entries but the concurrent tournament does not, then the player may not enter both.

If entries for the overlapping tournaments close on different dates, approval must be received from all Tournament Committees no later than the entry closing date that occurs last. Players who enter a tournament and play it to completion, may then enter another tournament with overlapping dates with permission. If a player violates this concurrent tournament rule, ranking points earned in any concurrent tournament played will not count toward USTA NorCal ranking or the USTA NorCal Grand Prix Points Race and the concurrent tournaments will not count toward the minimum tournament requirement to qualify for USTA NorCal Grand Prix

Entrants desiring to enter concurrent tournaments must submit a request in writing to Tournament Referee BARD RICKEY ( in advance of the entry deadline to give the Tournament Committee ample time to consider.