Photos from Saturday, June 5th action here

Photos from Sunday, June 6th action here

The Maze Cup is named after George Maze, Sr. He was a tireless volunteer for both of the governing tennis bodies in California, first for the SCTA (Southern California Tennis Association) and then subsequently as a Board Member of the NCTA (Northern California Tennis Association).

The competition that is the Maze Cup is a concept George Maze envisioned in the 1960’s when the likes of Erik Van Dillen and Jeff Borowiak from the North, and Stan Smith and Bob Lutz from the South, were dominant in the sections and nationally-but never competed against one another in California. Further, he felt there was a natural rivalry between the two preeminent sections of the USTA; the Northern California and Southern California Sections otherwise operated independently of one another.

It is only fitting that once again, the Maze Cup is being hosted by the Berkeley Tennis Club (BTC) as it is the BTC that was the “home” club to George Maze. His connection to the BTC began with his and his family’s affiliation with the University of California (he was Class of 1940, both his parents and a sister also were graduates). While attending Cal he was a member of the club and maintained his membership after World War II until moving to Southern California in the 1950’s. Thereafter, as soon as his children were able to play tennis, he would embark on an annual trip back, entering them every year in the Pacific Coast Tournament for no other reason than it was held at the BTC. Upon his return to Northern California in the 1970’s he reinstituted his association with the BTC as a member. In addition, his wife Sheila has been a strong supporter of junior tennis through the years and remains so today.
Upon his untimely death in 1973, the two sections, under the leadership of Peter Herb and Hunter Delatour from the North and Joe Bixler from the South, created the Maze Cup. This is a vision that has stood the test of time, it has provided an annual venue for the best junior tennis in the country in a format designed to prepare the players for the rigors of the all-important summer season, as well as the team concept of collegiate tennis.

A list of BTC players includes past and current members Ken Derr, Lena Sherbakov, Kristi Roemer, Barrie Bulmore, David Melmed, Erika Smith, Michael Ricks, Sasha Podkolzina, Cassy Fabiani, Ted Scherman, and Mark McKeen. Other NorCal notables are Matt Mitchell, Chip Hooper, Brad Gilbert, Patty Fendick, Anna Ivan, Lisa Green, Iwalani McCalla, and Elly Hakami. SoCal notables include Stephanie Rehe, Anna Marie Fernandez, Barbara Hallquist, Cari Hagey, Laxmi Poruri, Heather Willens, Elliott Telscher, Scott Davis, Derrick Rostagno, Lindsay Davenport, Pete Sampras, Michael Chang, Alexandra Stevenson, Marissa Irvin, and Alex Kim. A list of all the former players is in the program.

Here are photos from the 2006 Maze Cup won by the Southern California Team 13-7.

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